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. >>> the 49ers are in seattle preparing for sunday's game and the seahawks are doing the same. >>> an update on how ja high mc jahi mcmath is doing. >>> >>> the family attorney for the teenager jahi mcmath declared brain dead spoke with drown 4 today to update us on her condition. she went into children's hospital oakland for tonsil surgery and suffered complications that left her brain dead. tonight the attorney told us she this a new facility and doing well and responding well to treatment. her mother is with her, and the mother is happy and pleased with the progress and she's glad that children's hospital did not remove her daughter from life support. >>> the 49ers are in seattle and it is going rowdy. more on the story. >>> the impact of last year's increase to san jose's minimum wage. we'll share the results with you next. >>> stay tuned for inside edition! >>> new tonight at 11:00, several cities around the country have increased the minimum wage, far above the federal level. san jose went from $8 to $10.01 year ago and increased the wage to $10.15 on january 1. now a survey by a nonp
drought from space next. ,,,,,, their battle in seattle. >> this is kpix5 news. >> you like their chances? >> i love their chances. >> the 49ers arrived ready for their battle in seattle. >> ken bastida is in enemy territory tonight. >> reporter: hey juliette, we had a conversation about flu shots and i said i had no fear of needles. the 49ers have the same mindset tonight. they got out of the plane a few hours ago settled in their hotel. at seatac, a lot of 49ers fans flew up or drove up and were waiting for the same thing as they got to their hotel tonight. >> i love that. the 49ers are here. we are ready to beat the seahawks, we are ready! who has it better than us? nobody! woo! >> reporter: yeah last night, wilson walker and i trying to go around town and find seahawks fans that were enthusiastic, we couldn't find anybody in the clubs, bars, hotels. this morning, however, things got really crazy. people started coming out and so did the 49er fans. they showed up too. some of them coming all the way from san francisco. andria borba spoke to some of those. >> reporter: wel
the sound of a crowd to nds from seattle like anywhere vanna playing in the loud speakers. we'll have all of that coming up for you tonight at 6:00. brian web, k. p. i. x. 5. >> thank you. we're watching the buses, the team has boarded the butses. they're now on their way out of play the airport because it is blue friday in seattle in the middle of the sea of seahawks fans, and our own ken. >> it looks like he has survived this venture into enemy territory and you have your taste firsthand of the 12th man. ken? >> yeah, it is pretty crazy up here a balmy 44 degrees. nothing like what the 49ers had to endure last week in the cold of the tundra and everything. here is what the seattle "times" has on its front page today. no longer a football game up here. it is more of a title fight. we'll talk a little bit more about that in sports think. i had a chance to go down to the fish market and talk to some of the local seattle seahawks fans,ened they were a lot of fun. take a look. >> who is going to win this game? >> so you asked me where i'm from. i said san francisco. do you have a problem wit
in the 20s on 50s. >>> now the 49ers road trip to a championship. the team is seattle bound. news chopper 2 caught the players getting on the plane headed for the pacific northwest. they are taking on the seahawks this sunday. the winner goes on to the super bowl. the players are on the way some fans are there. julie and mark are there as well. let's go live in seattle. how crazy is it with this game less than 48 hours away? >> more cold than crazy. >> standing out here, have to set the scenes. we're on a pier overlooking elliott bay on the seattle waterfront. behind me is the great wheel lit up in blue and green. beyond that is century lynx field -- century link field. there's a beautiful sight, has the number 12 in it lit up. there's so much going on. i like to take in the sights around town. mark likes to read the sports page. offender room service i like to see what the on piecing team and the newspaper is saying. the quote that jumped out at mow, russell wilson of the seahawks said that his team will have to play the absolute best football of their lives to win this game. obviously the
>>> 9ers fans taking to the streets of seattle this morning rooting for their team in the emerald city. we're live in seattle and here in san francisco for a look at how fans are gearing up for today's nfc championship game. and our mount tam cam. we are expecting sunny skies in the bay area. a complete look at the forecast coming up in seconds. >>> good morning everybody. i am marty gonzalez. thanks for joining us on this sunday, january 19. want to look at the forecast. >> good morning to you. this is a view from the roof camera this morning. not much change in the forecast. we are expecting another round of sunshine, dry conditions. a chilly start in the north bay. santa rosa below freezing at 30 degrees. san francisco at 44 degrees. oakland checking in at 37. 39 degrees currently in san jose. concord at 32 degrees and mid 30s for livermore. it is another spare the air day. we will take a look at your extended forecast coming up in just a bit. >> thanks a lot. >>> let's get to the top story this morning. the 49ers waking up in seattle knowing that they could be on the way it t
in seattle. the winner goes to the super bowl and the loser goes home. we have live team coverage tonight. fans are getting ready for the big game, but let's go live to seattle. guys? >> reporter: less than 24 hours inactual kickoff, and we have a little 49er for a fa preseason sent today in seattle. >> big-time. we headed down to the pioneer square and there was a pep rally like you wouldn't believe, all 49ers, a sea of red and gold, wall-to-wall people. the owner of the 49ers was out front handling out rally towels to everybody who showed up. i was talking to people from walnut creek and palo alto, and everybody was standing in this bar and you couldn't get through, shoulder to shoulder, like a rock concert. people were having the time of their life and everybody said there is no place they would rather be. >> here we are! from the bay to seattle! [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: how cool is this rally? >> it's unbelievable. i had to put my ear plugs in. >> we are so excited. i was at the super bowl last year and we're going to be anywhere and win it. >> i'm really excited. we'r
smith seals a win in the battle in seattle. it was a hard-fought game, but the 9ers game up a few yards short. what happened with gary. unbelievable game. >> a very good game. i think kaepernick is coming back. they will be good again next year. this was like a fluke that they got here. maybe 5, 6 before they have a chance. they will be good next year and the year after. >> they gave us a good season. >> the glass is half full. join us as we say hey, you go in seattle and the last two times they rolled the 49ers. think about this. you see highlights for the 18th time. the fact that seattle at home has beaten the 49ers on this field, they are just better than san francisco this year. they had a 10-0 lead. marshawn lynch went to work. 129 yards. if you look to say which individual battle did the 49ers fall short? it was the running back. kaepernick. some say he doesn't have the touch. to bold boldin. 17-14. pete carroll rolled the dice. the 49ers going for a winning score. doesn't it remind you of the superbowl? richard sherman tipped the ball away and pete carroll has a winner. here is h
net. she is in seattle, of course. hello, mindy. >> yes, the team is winding down its final preparations. they went through their final walk through. they held it at a convention center instead of here. they wanted to make sure the final details remained private and they will have some final team meetings tonight, then it's up to each player to get the rest he needs and get into that mental state. >> you know, get you to the super bowl, obviously, but i think you know, for the most part, how we've gone in every game in the years past, we try to be as -- as possible in how we do things. we're not going to get all caught up. this game this and that, we all know. so, it was nothing that needs to be said or a special meeting or anything and everybody's focused. >> the same as every other week. treating it like another game. loose, focused, upbeat. you can call it what you want, we're doing what we have to try to win this game. i think the biggest thing, you have to realize it's another football game. there might be more people watching, many r at stake, but you go out and execut
. the workers and customers say they will miss it. >>> look out seattle. 49er fans have made it and they are not afraid. i'm bryan hackman. >> it's a tale of two cities as excitement builds for tomorrow's nfc championship game. it's foggy, gloomy and cold in seattle, but in san francisco in the bay area, we are basking in snipe and warm temperatures. rain or shine, it doesn't matter for the 49er team. >> they allowed you inside the seattle limits? i thought the 49er fans couldn'tget in. >> reporter: it's because i had this blue jacket on. it matches the blue of the seattle seahawks. so we can actually kind of sneak in behind the scenes, behind enemy lines if you will and get our stories done. actually the fog that was here has blown out, which means it's windy and very cool up here tonight. but some san francisco fans showed up earlier today and, you know the area called pioneer square? the city of seattle has lost that area to san francisco. take a look. >> who's got it better than us? >> nobody. >> we fight, we fight, we fight some more. [ cheering ] >> i love san francisco
're going to win. win this game, and then we're going to go to seattle, take seattle, and go to the super bowl. >> this is my team. i'm going to have hard time if we don't win. >> lucky for her, they win. next stop, seattle, and he better save his voice in san francisco, abc7 news. >> some lucky niner fans were celebrating at the game. take a look at this picture tweeted by the 49ers. these fans were right. seattle-bound with a little carolina layover. we'll have fan photos later in the newscast. >> to the highlights and player reaction, mike shumann is here. physical game. >> no question. the 49ers do whatever it takes to win, never more evident today in carolina. 15 seconds before the half, 49ers down 10-6. colin kaepernick hits vernon davis. ruled incomplete, but the call was reversed. second foot is down. third quarter, 49ers driving, kap on the score. that's when the defense took over. carolina on an eight-minute drive, ends up with nothing. key drive of the game for the 49ers. 23-10 the final. 49ers head to seattle for the nfc championship game. >>> larry beil is live in charlotte.
conquered.. it's on to the battle in seattl >>> the 49ers are back in the bay area tonight with carolina conquered, on to the battle in seattle. >> on to santa clara where the 49ers faithfuls gathered to greet the team tonight. >> reporter: yeah all quiet now, but an hour ago there were 100 stands. some waited for over an hour as it turns out to be a chance of the way that the team came home and maybe, just maybe catch a glimpse of the players. tell me about being here tonight. why did you come? >> the team did great. >> reporter: did you see the game today? >> yes. >> reporter: what did you think of it? >> it was pretty awesome. >> you've got to support the niners. they're like everything to us here. >> reporter: were you hoping to get some autographs tonight? >> actually no, i'm good. i've got a lot of them already on my arm. >> san francisco's biggest fan. >> reporter: worried about getting carjacked with that thing on your hand? [ laughter ] yeah i've got a lot of people that say hey, i'll give you so much money or can i grab that and run? >> just seeing them fighting.
a potential win or loss against the seattle seahawks. diesel buses will substitute the affected lines starting at 2:00. >>> the flu outbreak has gotten so bad the cdc says it it has reached epidemic status. that means the number of deaths exceeded what was expected. the flu has taken two more lives and bringing the total number to 23. the latest victims are two south bay women ages 52 and 62. >>> cal trans has agreed to take down nets that were killing federally protected birds in sonoma county. they are on the highway 101 bridge near the petaluma river. they were intended to keep the birds out of a construction zone, but they were trapping the migratory swallows in the mesh. en -- they sued to have the nets removed. >> the sendoff and the preparation for the big game. >> coach harbaugh's unusual name sake that is going for a different kind of victory this weekend. >> he has no idea i am coming. i am a little nervous. i haven't seen derrick in eight months. >> this mom's surprise visit home and her son's unforgettable reaction kaepernick lead the team on to the plane headed for seattle. the ni
, and gets you fired from sports. but i've also learned that the superb owl is about seattle and denver, the northwest versus the west. grunge versus country. plaid versus other plaid. ( laughter ) and more importantly, these are the big cities in america's two legal pot states. ( cheers and applause ). so, whether-- whether you're from the mile high city or the absolutely baked city, you want to win this game like it's a box of little debbie swiss cake rolls. and who better to represent these two cities than the people who represent these two cities, their mayors. please welcome the honorable mayor ed murray of seattle. thank you so much. ( cheers and applause ). and the honorable mayor michael hancock of denver. thank you so much, mr. mayor. all right. gentlemen, gentlemen, are you ready for some football? >> yes. >> absolutely. >> stephen: all right, let's do this thing. mayor murray, you are seattle's first openly gay mayor. that's a lifestyle i do not cob don't. ( cheers and applause ). , i'm sorry but everyone knows being mayor is a choice. ( laughter ). >> and i'm glad seattle m
>>> battle in seattle. the 49ers quest will take them north for the nfc championship game sunday. they will follow now matter how hard the seahawks make it. >>> the team back in the bay tonight hours after beating the panthers in carolina. their charter bus arrived in santa clara. fans welcomed them home. the team turning attention to next week's championship game in seattle. here is how they won in carolina today. colin kaepernick makes it 20- 10. a little mockery doing cam newton's superman trade mark. then he does his bicep smoother. we will see vernon davis here. full highlights in sports, first we head to chair charlotte with scott rates. >> reporter: it was an a amazing day for the 9ers. it was amazing for me as well. the energy was electric. i wanted to take you inside the big game. [ cheering and applause ] [ cheering and applause ] [ cheering and applause ] . >> 9ers all the way, >> reporter: it was epic. it was exciting from 4:30 this morning when we pulled up. >> amazing hands down. >> awesome. . >> we're going to do it at seattle. >> who travels better than us? >> rep
on the seahawks and fans are taking over the city of seattle. as the team chases the championship, the battle moves to seattle tomorrow. stone has been in seattle for days and fans are getting pumped for another win. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: 49er fans are rocking seattle. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: as kickoff approaches, fans of the red and gold are arising all over. >> we live in the bay area. >> reporter: the man in this 49er sweat shirt left hawaii for the game, the first time he left for the mainland in 30 years. >> i came from hawaii to here, seattle! [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: i can honestly say i don't think we have ever had that. a rally was held in downtown seattle and many of these fans paid big bucks just to get here. >> >> reporter: he's got a good ticket price? >> no, absolutely not. i won't even talk numbers. >> reporter: did you pay a pretty penny? >> a pretty penny, we'll just leave it at that. >> reporter: tell me the price that these seats tend to go for. >> a lot. >> reporter: can you give any more details? >> about 1250. >> wow
to seattle right now. they had no -- a foggy cool night. brian webb has more on the team as they left san francisco. >> the players are gone. the fans are gone. it was an impressive scene here at team headquarters in santa clara. let me show you a video from chopper five. in the san jose airport. the team going from separate but -- several luxury buses. they are in the air on their way to seattle. a day earlier than the usually go. some of the players came up with the idea. they thought it would be a good idea. and help the team to be together in extra day. they got a send off for football kings. >> they could hardly contain themselves. fans brother children. some brought their luckyks this the fans did their part too. >> brian webb, with a talk about the fans coming this way. also, the players coming this way. we had a team that came in last night headed by john york, the owner of the 49ers. i bumped into him today. >> it is not all about football? >> it is all about football. there are a lot of other things that go into that. you have to make sure you are healthy. >> what is the
to this weekend's game in seattle. >> and it's hard to believe but we're talking about fire danger, 20-30 degree warm-up. your full forecast lots to go over. >> for the third commute day in a row we have a big problem for northbound 101 through san jose. an injury crash involving four vehicles. our camera is on. we'll give you the latest. >> a live look to san jose. a warming trend. christina has been talking about it. real nice temperatures, fire dangers, it's monday, january 13, and this is "today in the bay." >>> a very good morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm terry mcsweeney. we begin with breaking news. a two-alarm house fire has been put out, broke out less than a half hour ago on the 17,000 block of krothers road. peggy bunker on the way to the scene. she will give us a live report once she gets there. this morning's fire comes as the hunt is on in the south bay for a serial arsonist, he struck at least five times over the weekend. police released a sketch of this person of interest. around 6 feet to 6'2", weighing between 160-180. he has large frame
quote been the response in seattle amongst seahawks fans to his interview? >> it's been really interesting. i've gotten a lot of feedback from our readers online and we actually put up a poll today asking our readers what they felt about it. and we wanted to know if they -- if it turned them off or if they really liked it and were getting further behind him or if he just thought hey this is football, trash talk happens. and the results i thought were very interesting because it was very split three ways. it's a very divisive topic here in seattle. i think there are a lot of people who don't like what he did last night, think that he went too far and then i think there are a lot of people who think wow, this guy is so passionate and we're going to the super bowl and yes, let's go! and then there are just some people who just say this is sports, guys, this stuff happens and enjoy it. >> and i think a lot of people are enjoying some of it, maybe more than others but nonetheless we'll see if it will become any kind of distraction when we go to the super bowl in new york. nick eaton, thanks so muc
for a conference showdown in seattle a week from today. cornell bernard kicks off team coverage and spent the entire day with fans around the city. reporter: the victory party continues here in the marine tonight where miner fans savoring the win over carolina. bars have been packed all day, and fans felt the winning streak continues all the way to the super bowl. >> niner fans were pumped up at this park. a dozen big screens were set up to watch the game. good to be high-fiving, everyone is united in this greater thing called the 49ers. >> fans went wild the moment the 49ers won the game. the bartender did a victory lap on the bar. next stop, seattle. >> we're not afraid of seattle. not afraid. >> we want the head of the seahawks. >> they went looking for carries panther fortunates but could only find other few charger faithful. >> i'm from san diego. i love the niners, but you got to go with your own up town. >> sebastian gomez was looking for anything kaepernick at this gear stop, and who knew marry lon monroe was 49ers fan. >> she is an icon, a lot of people stop when they see her. >>
>>> this is kpix5 news on kbcw. >> the 49ers are in seattle tonight. ready for their playoff battle against the seahawks. >> fans will and here at home can't wait. good evening, i'm allen martin. >> i'm juliette goodrich. >> and i'm ken bastida. with that thing looming down over my shoulder and it is dressed in its green and blue celebrating the seattle seahawks. well, let the games begin, i say. san francisco 49ers have just shown up about 90 minutes ago checking into their hotel. and what a nice reception 49er fans who flew up today, who drove up today, showed up at the hotel to give the niners a great welcome for this battle in seattle. and fans had a lot to say about their team from the bay. >> oh yeah, i love that. 49er faithful are here. ready to beat the seahawks. oh man, we're ready, let's go. who has it better than us? nobody. >> on the other side of the coin, of course, you've got the seattle seahawks fans who really have made a name for themselves this year. these so-called 12th man. there are hundreds of thousands of 12th mans around here and we went out today to try and
>> the 49ers are in seattle this morning. as they gear up to face the seahawks tomorrow. we're in seattle too. with a live update on tomorrow's >> plus- pedestrian safety is a hot topic in san francisco. and now another person is hit while crossing the street. by a ride sharing car. >> the warm and dry conditions in the bay area could last a while. what the governor's drought designation means for you. >> good morning everyone, i'm marty gonzalez. it's satutrday january 18th, thanks for joining us. >> we are going to start off with a live look from our roof cam. you can see that it is a very clear start to the day. all so it is a chilly for the inland valleys. santa rosa is sitting at 30 degrees. more mild in san francisco. oakland is at 44 degrees upper '30's for san jose in concord is checking in at 33 degrees. we are inspected per another mild day and i will bring down your afternoon highs coming up. >> the 49ers are in seattle. they are getting ready for tomorrow's n-f-c championship game against the seahawks. it's being called the "battle in seattle." kron four's j-r st
. >> in less than 24 hours, the niners take on the seahawks. we talk to the fans who are taking over seattle for the nfc championship game. abc7 news at 6:00 starts now. >>> good evening. i'm ama daetz. four people were pulled from the bay in a water rescue an hour ago. john alston is live from san francisco with the breaking details. jon? >> three good samaritans saved a woman's life after she fell in the water off of torpedo pier. authorities say the woman in heir 30s, touri from taiwan, was taking pictures, backing up, fell off the pier into the water. she was in the water a short period of time. three people jumped into the water, including a former lifeguard from series who has done a number of water rescues in the ocean on the east coast. he jumped in, grabbed the woman, braced himself under the pier. a net was thrown down and the woman was rescued. we talked to the rescuer's brother. >> the girl fell in the water. they called for help. nobody could swim. >> what too you think of your brother? >> he had a broken heel, broken in ten places, ease been recovering. i'm really proud of him.
, going to the super bowl. mike is joining us live from seattle. hard to overcome three late turnovers. a very tough loss. >> well, there's no question, larry, it was a brutal loss, and a tough locker room afterwards. but as you mentioned, you can't turn the ball over three consecutive possessions in the fourth quarter against the seahawks in seattle and expect to win. colin kaepernick had turned it over, two interceptions and a fumble, and afterwards, he took it like a man. >> i didn't play good enough to win. turned the ball over three times. that cost us this game. >> congratulations to seattle. they played a winning game. they win the football game, and they made, you know, some very big plays. we made some very big plays. it was a 15-round fight, right down to the last. >> i mean, i can't do nothing about it. i tried to do what i could. i made my plays when my number was called. >> well, i tell you what, kaepernick carried the team in the first half. he rushed for 130 yards. over 100 yards in the first half to keep the 49ers in the game. so great season, and they'll appreciate it
be treated this time around. >>> let's talk football. the 49ers headed up to seattle for that big championship game against the seahawks. >> the team buses left the practice facility a few minutes ago. headed to the airport where they will take a plane to seattle. >> julie, we heard you went to a seahawks pep rally today. bet that was interesting. >> we had to check it out. it is really starting to feel there will be a football game here after all. yesterday, got into town early afternoon, and a few 49er fans straggling around town and a lot of seahawks fans. today everybody out in full force, particularly the seahawks fans. it was a sea of blue and green. they did have a rally on. they were dressed head to toe. blue and green. we'll show you later what we saw. just to set the scene, we're near elliott bay, the great wheel beyond us, and century link -- century link field. it's a good place to be. we caught up with bay area fans who made the trip to seattle. >> feel the love baby, go hawks. >> go niners. >> let it go. 12th man pride greeted this couple after they became the first
year. here's what took place. you heard about the seattle crowd. they're known as the 12th man. they maybe give seattle the best home-field advantage. kaepernick's first half was terrific. 58 here on this shot. it set up a touch did you know and the 10-0 lead. seattle could only gear their field goal to end the half. and here if you're looking for individual counterpoint, marshawn lynch with 200 carries. frank gore with only 22 yards on 11 carries. this touchdown tied the game at 2. kaepernick, great throw here for 26 yards. the 49ers have a 17-10 lead. wilson goes up to top and gets credit. over to kaepernick but doesn't turn the ball over. when he has to, he gets the job done. 49ers have to come back. they're down here and lynch after serious injury, a torn acl we'll talk about later, lynch does fumble on fourth down. san francisco gets the ball. they have a shot. they have a shot at this 23-17 lead and then goes bowman. kaepernick's last possession. did you see the fumble recovery here? on the last three possessions, kaepernick turns the ball over and this is a knockout blow
seattle. >>> you got it better than us? >> nobody! >> 49er fans gear up and head north for the battle in seattle. >> and ken bastida is seen behind enemy lines tonight where apparently it's mostly friendly fire. >> hi ken. >> reporter: pretty much friendly fire. in fact i think almost too much. i think people are finally getting to the pine where you know all the people -- point where you know all the talk and the track talk and speculation it is just getting to fever pitch here. somebody wants the fire the first shot and fans up here are ready for the battle to begin. >> for all the marbles, this is bigger than the super bowl for the players and fans right now. this is what it's all about. >> reporter: not just a football game that has people talking. >> are we scared of the niners? >> hell no. [ people chanting ] >> reporter: it's a showdown that has people talking to death. >> and hey i'll tell you right now. 24-10. seahawks super bowl back, let's go. >> i love i. jeremiah -- >> reporter: over the past three days in seattle we heard endless talk about the 12th man. >
nfc showdown between the san francisco 49ers and seattle san francisco to determine who goes to the super bowl. >> good evening, i'm ken wayne. >> hello everyone, i'm heather holmes. >> tonight the niners are in seattle, and so are many, many of their fans. the 49er faithful have invaded the land of the 12th man. they showed their pride at a huge rally in the emerald city. in fact, one fan describing it like game day. >> excitement is building for the battle of the nfc titans tomorrow. >> ktvu's julie hayne and sports director mark ibaÑez have been in seattle since thursday and join us live. >> hello and welcome from a chilly seattle, but it's dry and you can just feel the excitement building as we are now just less than 24 hours away from that big game tomorrow. >> i don't think any question that they are the 49er faithful. i'm always amazed at how many people take the time, the effort and the money to come on up and support their team and at one point today it was truly amazing. the 49ers took over about a city block. 49er fans were out there, loud, vocal and if the
time getting tickets to sunday's game in seattle. bob redell live at the team's training facility with a story that has many fans waking up angry. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. yes, when the tickets to sunday's nfc championship game go on sale on line at 10:00 this morning the seattle seahawks which will be selling those, will be blocking people who live in california. so, if you tried to go on line and try to purchase directly from the team you'll be denied once you enter your billing zip code which could indicate you're from the golden state. the seahawks only allowing people with addresses in washington, oregon, montana, idaho, alaska, hawaii and parts of canada make those purchases. the seahawks stadium is considered one of the noisiest in the league, apparently wants as much of that cheering to be for seattle as possible. not san francisco which is why they are trying to limit the number of 49ers fans attending by making it hard to buy tickets. >> i think it's wrong. it's wrong. why should we have to pay more just because we're going to seattle. >> that's the quest
seattle. [cheers and applause] brian hackney. ann notarangelo. >>> the 49erss are 49ers -- 49erss are back in the bay area. everyone is looking for the battle in seattle. good evening. we with are where the players were greeted by the fans after concurring carolina. >> reporter: all quiet out here now. but an hour ago, 100 fans here. some waited for an hour for a chance to wave at the team as they came and went and maybe get a look at a few players. [cheers and applause] >> reporter: tell me about being here tonight, why did you come? >> cheer on the team. >> reporter: dusee the game today? -- did you see the game today? >> yes. >> reporter: what did you think of it? >> great. >> to support the 49erss. >> hoping to get autographs tonight. no, i am good. i have a lot of them already on my arm. >> reporter: san francisco's biggest fans. [cheers and applause] >> worried about getting carjacked? >> [ laughter ] i got a lot of people saying i will give you so much money or can i grab that and run? [ laughter ] >> reporter: seeing them, exciting. it is great. >> you can not real
to arrive to head to seattle for the big game. >> to carry to >> larry? >> it's interesting. the 49ers have planned this trip because normally when you have a west coast trip if you're going up to seattle or arizona in previous years 49ers would leave a day before the game. in this case they're leaving before a friday. and reason is the pattern established to win at green bay. and last week decided let's leave on friday, again. we've got a long journey ahead of us. so jim harbaugh decided this is working and they knew looking athat heed they're likely going to face seahawks in the championship game. these two teams are well acquainted with one another, having split each winning at home in the regular season. so preparations have been done. they knew what to expect. some say did you want to leave a day early because it's less time in the film room? they'd be ready to to go on sunday. >> larry, thank you very much. we appreciate it. we'll keep you posted. >> thank you. we're expecting it to leave any moment here, as expected governor brown declared a drought emergency today, today asking cali
drought emergency. >> : natters head to seattle for begin on sunday. >> : seahawks territory j r is live. >> : in texas controversy over reality show about eight and nine year-old football players. >> : >> : now at eight just one day after san francisco holds a meeting about 64 pedestrians. another pedestrian is hit on a cross or walk. we have live coverage tonight with jeff. >> : >> : stan in san francisco. >> : over there on the crosswalk elderly agent woman was hit in broad daylight. >> : the crash occurred about 120 friday afternoon. >> : the lift vehicle in this picture and a woman on the ground. >> : the thought all my gosh. >> : is making a left turn then they hit the elderly woman. in a statement by says the safety of everyone it is priority and the driver was an active well in this digitation goes there are serious concerns about the ride sharing companies. >> : a plea it will not happen anymore more people are getting run over by these guys. >> : this is not the first accident involved with these ridesharing accidents. >> : i family of three was also involved an accident killin
star ski resort are using the snow to cheer on the niners who play in seattle tomorrow for a chance at the super bowl. today the resort built seahawk statue but could not hold up against the snow cat. this time tomorrow the niners will be well into their nfc title game against seattle. as much as the seahawks brag about their fans, niner fans take a back seat to no one and the spontaneous 49ers rally broke out in seattle, decked out in red and gold, nine are fans are making sure san franciscoes represented. mike shumann was with them. >> who got it better than us? >> nobody! >> what's the final score? >> the final score? >> yes. >> it's going to be niners. i don't know what the final score will be. >> here for two reasons, the quest for six. >> quest for six, baby, right here. >> who do you like tomorrow? >> the quest for six. >> the quest for six. one more game, one more game, one more game. let's go niners. let's go niners. [engine revving] >> i have plenty of family in san francisco. hit me up for tickets, but they're stingy with them up here. they're scared of us. quest for six!
seattle a little later. but first, governor jerry brown's declaration of brown confirmed what most of us felt coming. the governor signed a declaration. he asked californians to cut their water use for now. mandatory rationing is to come in weeks. >> we're at the worse drought since records have been kept. >> reporter: the number of reservoirs are at the lowest levels in years. the emergency declaration sets into motion 20 steps to deal with the drought. they includes giving the state flexibility. statewide conservations are logged and additional firefighters will be hired to protect our land's. debora villalon join us now, and the drought is worse than it's ever been recorded before. >> reporter: this town gets recycled water. other lawns in desperate jeopardy. >> all the vegetations around the houses were dying. >> reporter: the drought of 76- 77. >> a lot of people remember putting bricks in the toilet. >> reporter: brad davis remembers and tonight from inside the control room at the sonoma county agency. >> we've been ahead of this drought declaration for many weeks. >> reporter: th
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. >> fans are outside waiting for the team to return to the bay area. the players left seattle at about 9:00 to 9:00 -- tonight. even though the fans are disappointed, they're still thanking players for the season. >> by compareson this is what it looked like after the game in seattle. jubilant fans walked out of the stadium cheering their team's victory. and they're beyond excited about seeing their team punch their super bowl ticket. >> we go to julie haener and mark ibanez. >> they were there for the highs and the lows. they have more of how the teams are dealing with finishing oh so close, mark and julie. >> reporter: yes, it is a bummer to say the least. as julie and i were just talking off camera. super bowl hopes were so high. >> it was so exciting to be here. i had to set the scene earlier. it was my visit to century field. when we got here, it was rocking. it did live up to that 12th man. it was loud, energized. so much fun took in this stadium. it was just jam packed with the view of the city here off in the distance and kind of a foggy night in seattle. it was a lot of fun. >
what they were doing and they went to basic stuff. >> so now it's on to seattle where the 49ers were destroyed earlier this year. >> of course seattle stadium is known for being deafening. >> they had trouble getting calls in, playoffs on time, hearing each other. it is an issue so they so to figure that out. >> thank you dennis. good luck! getting tickets in seattle. if your billing address is in california you're out of luck. we found some of the 49er faithful who plan to be there no matter what. >> reporter: they're going to pay it via credit card or savings they have. it was a very good day for 11ers fans. a lot of them packed sports bars fans earlier in the day. it's pretty quiet now. a lot of them have gone home. next stop, seattle. even though the seahawks are banning ticket sales to californians, two told me earlier they're going to find a way to get up to settle to watch the nfc championship game. these two cousins say they'll be at the field sunday to cheer on their be loved 49ers. they're asking friends to help buy the tickets. they're trying to recruit friends to join th
there is a national security entrance. we are just two days away from the big battle in seattle coming up how seahawks fans plan to make sure you not only hear but feel their spirit. >>> want you to figure out where i am today. clue number one, i have apple and i have a file. where am i? where is roberta, as the news continues on kpix5. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ks. the >>> welcome back. in a few hours the 49ers head to seattle two days ahead of their show down with the seahawks. the division rivals will face off in the nfc championship with the winner advancing to super bowl 48 and one things for certain, the crowd will be loud. >> the niners have their work cut out for them. yesterday, at team headquarters players were busy practicing on the field. sunday, the niners will tackle a top seahawk defense, not to mention overcome seattle's home field advantage and the seattles century link field, the fans won't be the only challenge. in december the crowd broke a guiness world record, 137 decibels. to give you a come par it son inside a bart train the noise is between 70 and 90 decibels and a harley registers at
championship in seattle. >>> good afternoon. i'm tori campbell. with the largest reservoirs in the state at record lows and more dry weather expected, governor brown has declared a drought in california. >> reporter: the governor is calling on california ups to you have lup darrylly con-- voluntarily conserve water by 20%. today i'm declaring a drought in california. this is the worse drought that california has ever seen since records were being kept about 100 years ago. >> reporter: by signing off on the state of emergency, the governor hopes to raise awareness about the seriousness of the situation and make water transfers easier between the regions of the state. with the largest reservoirs below record shows, they want to ensure that farmers and water districts can share waters. the fear is a prolonged drought will mean lost jobs for farm laborers and higher prices in store. >> this would have to go on for a significant amount of time. >> reporter: the governor said he will also look for represent and money from the federal government to aid those impacted by the drought and help spe
. again, >>> how about the 49ers and their quest for six? the party has begun in seattle tonight. the 49ers, ooze you can see, arriving for duty. the players and coaches checking into their team hotel. they're about 800 miles from here in the bay area, but getting a lot of love up north. dozens of 49ers fans waiting in that 40 degree seattle weather cheering on their favorite players. >> we're fired up. they're going to the super bowl this year. it's exciting. >> it's awesome. this has been an amazing -- the game hasn't happened, it's friday and it's already an awesome experience. >> a lot of 49er fans in seattle. this is their fourth road game in the last four weeks. earlier tonight, 49ers fans rallied here in the bay area in santa clara. team buses hopging at the fans as they were going off on their way. one more win and the 49ers are heading back to the super bowl. lit be their sixth super bowl appearance. >> i'm so happy, i'm elated. this is history in the making. we're going to go to the super bowl. >> we're going to take it to seattle and bring seattle down with the
to help coach jim harbaugh with his pants problem. this is seattle? look how many niner fans in the emerald city. >> will this mild weather continue? the accuweather forecast is coming up. >>> know here's a look at what is ahead on world news at 5:30. >> coming up here, we just learning from the state department among the deads in the terror attack. how did the attackers get through so many check points. the hunt for the mountain lions caught on tape. pets vanishing, parents keeping their children inside. and the little league coach out west suing his 13-year-old thosd ewelcome to covered california. now, you can no longer be denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition. enroll today at >>> another clothing company is stepping up to hem improve 49ers head coach harbaugh's style. his wife complained about his pleat cack kentucky, which he buys for eight dollars at wal-mart. today the men's clothing company offers harbaugh ten free pairs of chinos and a $10,000 donation to the charity of his choice. no word yet on whether the coach will accept the offer. w
, to the chopper picture where the niners are off the bus and on the plane to seattle. >>> and i'm mindi bach in seattle, century link field. you'll hear from the 49ers for the final time before the game and what they say makes them more than ready. >>> at 6:00, he's a high school dropout who turned his life around. >> was there a moment that changed your life? >> a behind the scenes interview with district attorney george gascon, candid about his past, and the thing that makes him unlike any other d.a. in the country. >>> 49ers on the move in their quest for their sixth super bowl title. live pictures now, our nbc chopper overhead as the team charter plane preparing to take off from san jose international bound for seattle, washington. sunday is the big game. there they about, they left santa clara about 15 minutes ago. six buses with police escort down 101, across 880, to the tarmac. >> getting on board. i miss them already. i can't wait to watch them kick booty on sunday. our mindi bach is in seattle waiting for the 49ers' arrival in about two hours. we begin with scott budman live at the
that may get too rowdy after a potential win or loss against the seattle seahawks. diesel buses will substitute the affected lines starting at 2:00. >>> the flu outbreak has gotten so bad the cdc says it it has reached epidemic status. that means the number of deaths exceeded what was expected. the flu has taken two more lives and bringing the total number to 23. the latest victims are two south bay women ages 52 and 62. >>> cal trans has agreed to take down nets that were killing federally protected birds in sonoma county. they are on the highway 101 bridge near the petaluma river.d toe intended to keep the birds out of a construction zone, but they were trapping the migratory swallows in the mesh. en -- they sued to have the nets removed. >> the sendoff and the preparation for the big game. >> coach harbaugh's unusual name sake that is going for a different kind of victory this weekend. >> he has no idea i am coming. i am a little nervous. i haven't seen derrick in eight months. >> this mom's surprise visit home and her son's unforgettable reaction this is the creamy chicken c
. >> the 49ers arrived in seattle a little more than an hour ago for sunday's nfc championship game against the seahawks, of course. the team boarded buses at their santa santa claire practice facility. you into know that even though the team travel biz charter everyone must still go through security screen, just like you and i do at the airport. the players, including colin kaepernick, the quarterback, appeared loose, a business trip, plenty of fans were on hand to wish them well. >> they've had up and downs and we have always been devoted to them and we love them and it's so exciting right now. i'm so excited. we watched all the news programs. >> dozens of fans lined up along the airport fence shouting their support. here more now from wayne freedman. [cheering] reporter: when observing the actions of niners faithful there appears to be a direct relationship between the degree of fervent behavior and approaching kickoffs. closer to gametime the more fanatical people get. >> i saw them leave and they see all of us standing out here, they can take a little bit of that with them. >> got that
about the football. >> we will introduce to you a seattle seahawks fan whose dream is coming true this weekend p. you're watching "world news now." p. you're watching "world news now." . you're watching "world news now." >> "world news now" weather. brought to you by united health care. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses, i looked at my options. then i got a medicare supplement insurance plan. [ male announcer ] if you're eligible for medicare, you may know it only covers about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. call now and find out about an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement insurance plans, it helps pick up some of what medicare doesn't pay. and could save you in out-of-pocket medical costs. to me, relationships matter. i've been with my doctor for 12 years. now i know i'll be able to stick with him. [ male announcer ] with these types of plans, you'll be able to visit any doctor or hospital that accepts medicare patien
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